Get Inspired! for Students

We all know that stickers, charts, music money, trophies, and competitions can motivate students to progress but these "tactics" are just that, extrinsic motivators to get your students to do what YOU want. However, why not find more ways to trigger intrinsic motivation so that your students achieve and move forward just because THEY want to.

Nothing inspires me more than seeing someone do something that I want to do. With the availability of videos at our finger tips thanks to YouTube, we can see others excel and having fun making music.

Each week, my students have a 30-min lesson with me and a 30-min lab session. This series Get Inspired! was developed for a twist from the typical lab task. In order to make this "inspiring" assignment easily accessible to students, I designed a page or episode featuring artists of various styles. A brief bio and at least one video of each artist is provided in most episodes.

Most biographical information is taken from Wikipedia. Links to the artists' websites or recent interviews are included if available.

If you have a YouTube artist that you think should be featured in an upcoming episode, please let me know in the comment section.


Get Inspired Directory

Here are links to each episode.

Music Style Period Overview

Episode 1 = Michael Kaeshammer, Valentina Lisitsa, The 5 Browns

Episode 2 Yundi Li, Leonard Bernstein, Jarrod Radnich

Episode 3Cameron Carpenter, Olga Kern, Marcin Koziak

Episode 4 Daniel Barenboim, Bradley Sowash, Lang Lang

Episode 5 Elaine Comparone, The Piano Guys

Episode 6 = What Music Means to Me Artists

Episode 7 = Anderson and Roe, Victor Borge and 12 at One Piano

Episode 8 = My First Classical Music App: Baroque and Classical Composers, featuring Yuja Wang, Cameron Carpenter, The Piano Guys and more

Episode 9My First Classical Music App: Romantic and 20th Century Composers, featuring Daniel Barenboim, Hayley Westenra, Evgyny Kissin, The Five Browns, Anderson and Roe and more

Episode 10 = Patriotic Music: Celebrating the music of the United States with a selection of interesting performances of well-known songs and more.

Episode 11 = Minor Music: A selection of pieces in the minor mode from all different time periods.

Episode 12 = Baroque Bash: My studio went Baroque and these unique videos capture the spirit of the style period. Learn how to Go Baroque here.

Episode 13 = Boogie Woogie: Used to inspire a blues and boogie unit in the studio.

Episode 14 = All about Rhythm: Complements content of Rhythm Make it Count--a resource you'll NEED for all your off bench needs integrating the best apps and activities to boost rhythmic skills.

Episode 15 = Musicians with Grit: Accompanies a blog post about grit and what it looks like in the music studio.

Episode 16 = Classical Composers and Forms: Learn more about major composers of the Classical period and the most popular forms of the style period. Quizlet flashcards and Kahoot games are included.

Episode 17 = The 12-Bar Blues

Episode 18 = Romantic Period